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UPDATED 6:21 PM FRIDAY. 9:57 PM Well - Very EVIDENT The Four Dothan Commissioners Have Divided Dothan

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: May 09 2024 10:25 PM

DOTHAN:     Tonight some Dothan businessman, businesswomen, firends and co-workers hosted an event of SALUTE IN HONOR OF KEVIN COWPER.

The event was a "celebration of all the hard work he has done for Dothan."

This was an invitation only event.

The group wanted to show to Kevin Cowper, that while four Dothan Commissioners, D1 Kevin Dorsey, D2 Aristotle Kirkland, D4 John Ferguson and D5 Gnatt Pierce did not support a new contract and really treated Kevin Cowper dirty, they thanked him for what he has accomplished in his tenure as Dothan City Manager.

In 2020 when Kevin Cowper introduced LOVE DOTHAN to the community, a lot of people sit back and went, well.... But Kevin Cowper put a team together and began working the plan and making things happen.

Kevin Cowper, not the four Dothan Commissioners, with Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba met with the local legislative delegation and others to secure $ 35 million dollars in funding for the Innovation Center. Something celebrated Monday with the visit of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey.

But at Tuesday's Dothan Commission Meeting it was folks like D5 Gnatt Pierce who was bragging about great things going on in Dothan.

Well what these four has done is divide Dothan. What was going on as a unified public/private partnership with business people and not business people excited, they through a knife blade right through the heart.

And they have now made some of those that were unified now not be unified. 

If the four commissioners had given good reasons for their votes in opposition of another contract as Dothan City Manager is would have been one thing. But they gave non-creditable responses as to the reasons for their votes.

D5 Commissioner John Ferguson stated something like needed someone to execute on things. Look at the work going on in downtown Dothan and the ground breaking of the Innovation Center. Well someone has executed on something. And Ferguson has been a Commissioner 12 or 16 years so what has he executed on?

Tonight's event was invitation only of a certian group of people the host wanted to attend his event. It did not include everyone that supported Kevin Cowper. Some who support Kevin Cowper, which is a large part of the workforce of the City of Dothan would have been afraid of retaliation to attend, if invited and some who support Kevin Cowper, quite frankly, did not get invited by the host for unknown reasons.

But thanks to the host for putting together an appreciation for Kevin Cowper and his family.

Kevin Cowper has a lot of support and appreciation for the work he has done as Dothan's City Manager.  And these four Commissioner did a great injustice to the citizens of Dothan Alabama, and to Kevin Cowper and his family. 

They could change and place on the next agenda and renew his contract. But that would be the right thing to do and history shows they most often do not do the right thing.

Hopefully come election time the registered voters will fire all four of these Dothan Commissioners.

UPDATED 6:21 PM FRIDAY. 9:57 PM     Well - Very EVIDENT The Four Dothan Commissioners Have Divided Dothan

UPDATED 6:21 PM FRIDAY. 9:57 PM     Well - Very EVIDENT The Four Dothan Commissioners Have Divided Dothan

Family First Funeral Home

UPDATED 6:21 PM FRIDAY. 9:57 PM     Well - Very EVIDENT The Four Dothan Commissioners Have Divided Dothan

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