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UPDATED @ 6:39 PM Does Newton Have A Police Chief? They Hold Man Hostage In Dale County Jail

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Jan 03 2021 11:50 AM

NEWTON:    Does Newton Alabama have a Police Chief? Do they have a court system with integrity, honest treatment of people?

There is a man who received a traffic ticket in 2013, finally court in 2016. He was arrested on another offense but could have already been released if it was not for a cash bond. But no one to take the cash bond until the Town of Newton opens up.

So for $ 274.84 he sits in the Dale County Jail all weekend.

When contacted by family late Saturday I attempted to call a number for Newton Police Department. It did not work.

Then called Ozark - Dale County 911 and asked them to contact the Newton Police Chief and ask him to call me. After several hours contacted someone else I know in Dale County. They had the Chief's personal cell but was not allowed to give it out. I asked them to text him and ask would he call me. That was at 8:41 PM Saturday night.

I am sure both Ozark - Dale County 911 and the person I called delivered the message.

Today is Sunday, it is 11:44 AM. Still - the man sits in the Dale County Jail, family willing to pay the money, but no one to pay it to.

The Newton Police Chief is a retired Ozark Police Captain. His name is Frankey Peterman. He draws a state retirement and is paid less than $ 30,000.00 a year to be police chief. The reason on $ 30,000.00 is that is all he can make, if, the Town of Newton is on State Retirement. If not, then Peterman is paid more than $ 30,000.00 a year.

But Peterman must not realize it is a 24/7 job.

Also Peterman, the Town of Newton, must not realize such tactics as this cost the City of Dothan $ 42,500.00 after a lawsuit from a Ozark resident. And as a result all new misdemeanor arrests by Dothan Police Department, those arrested are allowed to sign their own bond. And if they fail to appear, no one is looking for them.

So perhaps this man sitting in the Dale County Jail, I will get him into contact with the same lawyers that represented Ozark resident Anthony Cooper against the City of Dothan.

UPDATED @ 12:34 PM

The Town of Newton is not on State Retirement, as I understand. Therefore there is no cap what a retired state employee can make.

Prior to the November, 2020 changing of Newton Mayor and some council members, Peterman's salary as Chief of Police for the Town of Newton was $ 47,500.00 plus a new vehicle.

UPDATED @ 6:39 PM    

Someone in the Town of Newton got to moving. The acting magistrate met the family at the Town of Newton Magistrate Office and accepted the cash bond.  A order was faxed to the Dale County Jail for release. A issue then at the jail where a supervisor had to be contacted. That was whether he had made bond or not on the original charge. After 2 hours, one text to Sheriff Olson that was solved in 10 minutes or less.

FOR THE RECORD - I have bail bonding business in Dale County. This family did not use me on the bond so none of this was for "personal gain" for me Joe. This was for a family who did not know what to do, was frustrated with the system and answers. They contacted me to figure how to resolve the issue. So this article was strictly concerning the frustrations of a family who did not know of anyone to turn to for help.

But another bail bonding company had made the bond so I made nothing except some officials mad with me. But that is what I do when families are mistreated and given the run around.

As of this writing, 6:48 PM, not heard from Chief Peterman. But someone called and I now have his City cell phone number and personal cell phone number. Actually like Chief Peterman and not had any issues with him. Do not have any personal issues with him now, I was trying to help a family who contacted me because of wondering what do they do.

People text me for all sorts of things. I will sometimes get text messages about why is their electricity out, where are all of the sirens going, who was that the Mayor or Commission Chairman with at Longhorn's. They will call me did you know that Governor Ivey was .... or Lt. Governor Ainsworth is... and hey, did you know this about Attorney General Steve Marshall...

So people text me all of the time with issues of many different circumstances. 

If the number is blocked I do not ask the name, if the number is not blocked I do not ask their name. In this case I know the person in jail's name, the call  back number but not the family member who has been calling me.

This past week a call from a blocked number where the county commissioners are mistreating law enforcement, lied to the law enforcement officers and do not like the Sheriff of the county. To my knowledge I have never met the Sheriff of the county, the county commission chairman or the commissioners. But someone "outside" the Sheriff Department but knows the situation called from a blocked number and said they needed help. And according to google the location is 72 miles away ... 1 hour and 31 minutes according to Google maps. But they need help on an important issue.

There is nothing for me to gain, no personal gain Joe for me, and I will make people in power mad and be cussed at, most likely under their breath. But the issue is of importance for the safety of law enforcement and Rickey Stokes has zero to gain from it, Joe.

Just to update you.

OHHH... I did say I now have Chief Peterman's Newton cell and personal cell now?

UPDATED @ 6:39 PM     Does Newton Have A Police Chief? They Hold Man Hostage In Dale County Jail

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