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UPDATED @ 8:24 AM. COMMUNICATIONS - We Have A Failure To Communicate

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Mar 06 2023 10:47 PM

HOUSTON - DOTHAN - HENRY - DALE - MOST ALL PLACES:     Since I am on it tonight and really could care less who I make mad, I am going to speak truth.

We have some agency leaders who has ego’s to large to work together. They they they are very smart to be so dumb. And I am ashamed that some of them I put a good word in for them to get promotions.

The radio communications is screwed up. The dispatchers do a good job but are trained in law enforcement and not fire and EMS. I am a firm believer that law enforcement commanders SHOULD NOT be over communications. They train them in law enforcement and not in fire and EMS.

And the radio systems, agencies can not talk to each other and those in charge feel they are important and know everything to actually know nothing.

It is not that I know everything but I did start dispatching in 1977 when you had to think. Had to write everything down and think. Agencies could talk to each other but can not talk to each other now. The dispatchers are under protocol and can not think outside of the box and make decisions.

And you can not tell those in charge anything. They know everything to know nothing.

And it makes me furious when the solutions are easy. But they had rather not fix it because each want to be the big kid on the block. And little simple solutions can fix it.

I have been involved in some conversations attempting to fix a couple of things. Not really my business but some want to show theirs is bigger and they are more important and do not have the big picture in mind.

Understand, I am 62 years old. My best years are behind me. It does not benefit me but does the citizens, the law enforcement and emergency responders. And that is what I am concerned about. I realize a lot in power do not like me and I do not really care.

What I care about is when someone dials 911 or there is an emergency is the best service possible is delivered. And some issues are going to get fixed or I am going to expose them and those who will not.

COMMUNICATIONS is the key component.

And not someone who is a total ————. The agencies should work together for the common good of all of the people. And I have found and find more and more how they are in their own world and could care less.

Progress was being made. Steps were being taken. And I will say the number one person who did more damage to working together has been Houston County Commissioner D-3 Ricky Herring who is also a Houston County Sheriff Sergeant. While he apologized to me he has done more damage to the emergency services progress then any one person.

When Ricky Herring took office there were drills being set up for school shootings. He single handed made them flop and not a success. And that was over four years ago and never had one yet. 

Not trying to single him out but just telling it like it was. He thought he was somebody and knew everything to not know anything.

And others are some others that just will not listen and listen to those who know nothing. You can not get the undivided attention and they think they are the only players in the system.

THINK AND BE PROACTIVE and not reactive.


UPDATED @ 8:24 AM   

Dothan Police Chief Will Benny is a SOLUTIONS MAN. 

He has solved the issue of Dothan Police units and Houston County Sheriff Units being able to communicate with each other, officer to officer.

And he is working with ALEA Sgt. Tracy McCord to solve the communications issue between the officers and ALEA - Troopers.

HERE IS WHY THERE IS A PROBLEM:   Dothan Police and Dothan Fire are on a P25 radio system. Houston County Sheriff Department is on a UHF Digital with SPI Communications.

Henry County and Headland are on a UHF Digital with SCI Communications and no way to monitor both systems being with different carriers.

ALEA - Troopers are on a Analog VHF system they operated on when I started in 1977. Tha local legislative delegation was bragging on Monday how much money the state has. It is going to take an executive detail coming under siege without communications for something to be done.

BUT, thanks to Dothan Police Chief Will Benny the “local” problem is being solved. 

Geneva and Coffee County are on a VHF digital system which is not compatible with any of the other systems.

Dale County is on a P25 system which is about  to merge with Dothan P25. Dale County Sheriff Mason Bynum worked out an agreement with Troy University to put their system on the Troy University tower in Wicksburg. This will allow inter communications with Dothan and now Houston County and ALEA thanks to Dothan Police Chief Will Benny.

Ozark Police is on a Harris radio system which is not compatible with Dale County Sheriff Department. The units can be one block from each other and can not talk, unless, Ozark - Dale County 911 patches them together. By then the immediate emergency might be over.

Last night the chase involved Dothan Police, Houston County Sheriff Department and ALEA - Troopers.

But next time, thanks to Dothan Police Chief Will Benny with the officer’s FLIP OF A SWITCH they will be able to talk to each other.

THATS THE MAN!!!! Solutions rather than talk…

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