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UPDATED @ 8:25 PM Strapped ToThe Bed - Can Not Breath - Calls Son - Hospital BansSon From Hospital To Check On His Dad

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Jan 16 2021 10:58 PM

DOTHAN:     This morning I was contact by a man who turned to me because he did not know who else to contact or what to do.

The reason he reached out to me is, unlike elected officials and appointed officials, my cell phone number and contact phone number are posted for contact. My cell phone bill is paid by me while theirs is paid by the government but they do not think you, their employers, have a right to be able to contact them.

A man was contacted  who his dad is in a Dothan hospital with COVID. The man in the hospital contacted his son, upset, that he was strapped down and could not breath. The son said he would sign any release needed, suit up, do whatever was needed in order to see his elderly dad.

The man was denied. He was told his dad was being cared for. The son expressed his desire to see his dad based on his dad’s phone call. The man was denied. That threat should not have been made.

The son advised them that he would be contacting his lawyer and the Attorney General. This only angered the hospital staff. Dothan Police were called to the hospital The hospital staff said the son was ordered not to return to that Hospital unless he was there to personally seek medical treatment for himself. If he did he would be arrested.


I realize we are almost a year into COVID. And there are certain guidelines which have to be followed.

But Verizon Wireless sells a phone with a feature called FACETIME. The phones are not that expensive. To ease the mind a FACETIME call could be made so that the son could see and talk with his daddy. That would have calmed his nerves.

A simple act of kindness. The sick in the hospital think they are forgotten by their families. The families are frustrated because they can not see their loved ones. A little compassion and communications can go a long way.

The communication goes on both sides of the spectrum - the medical staff, the patient and the family.


I have a recording of the conversations and listened to them. 

For the hospital to place a no trespassing against the son, when he received a call from his dad, that is uncalled for. And whoever is responsible for that should be terminated immediately.

Realize, the patient and the family are upset. You, the medical staff are overworked, tired of those masks and precautions having to take all of the time, and worn out.

But these COVID patients are dying alone, except for you, the health care professionals, who go to the bedside, hold the patients hands, tell them they are loved, and comfort them the best you can. And I know it is difficult for you.

Equally it is bad on the patient who passes thinking their families do not care. And the families feel guilty because they are not there. 

A tragedy that seems it never ends on both sides.


Rickey Stokes went from seeing his grandson, placing him in a helicopter to the next picture of him on a respirator. I did not handle that well at all. When I thought that I could go see him was told by Children’s Hospital that per Alabama Governor Kay Ivey…

It took me 10 minutes have Alabama Governor Kay Ivey’s personal cell number and her on the phone. I really thought her orders were different and when Brantley’s dad went to take a shower I could go in. For three days I remained in a motel room and never even cut the TV on. And my grandson was not a COVID patient.

But while the treatment of COVID is draining on the staff, it is extremely difficult on the families. And compassion has to be shown to the families. And a balance has to be struck.

Again, Verizon Wireless sells phones with FACETIME. It is a real simple device to operate.

I have been contacted today that hospital staff have used their phones to facilitate the FACETIME calls. That is great and I commend you the staff for doing so.

Everyone is tired. Since COVID is going now close to one year, the customer service portion has to come into play which would have solved some of last night. Make it readily available so that patients can have the closest thing possible through FACETIME video in talking with their families. So their families can see them. It would save you, the medical staff a lot of stress and give the patient comfort their families care, and give the families a sense of being there.


The man told me he had someone provide him the number to the Chief Executive Officer of the hospital. According to the man the CEO was rude, wanted to know how he got his phone number and that he was harassing him.

Well Chief Executive Officer, there is a reason you make six figures. Sorry someone was able to contact you who had a problem. But all I can say is, get over it.

But to get rude with a real concern someone has is uncalled for.

And if you did get rude, you owe the man an apology. And while he might not be able to have a face to face, there is a mechanism. And your job is to make sure it happens.

COVID is a problem and has caused you, the hospital management to make changes. And a change that has to be made is the customer service portion to make families comforted in the care provided and the patient comforted in knowing their families care.


A no trespassing against a man who his dad called him, scared, and that he was tied to the bed and could not breath.


According to someone who works with me, not Matt, he has received 7, then 12, then 15 calls about this article. He said it upset some of the healthcare workers.

ANYONE of you are free to call me or text me at 334-790-1729 and give me your thoughts. Not for one time do I think that you do not care.

WE understand it. Often times those we are dealing with do not understand it.

While we are frustrated, and we understand it, think of the ones who do not deal with it and how they are frustrated.

I find myself not answering the question and assuming they should know the answer. When I deal with it every day and I do not understand why their answer is the way it is.

SO EVERYONE TAKE A DEEP BREATH, and pray for patience, compassion from all sides, and we can get through this. But trespassing against where my dad is, unless there is another sufficient answer, because I am upset over the calls from my dad, really...


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