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UPDATED at 1:52 PM Headland High School - ALL CHILDREN ARE SAFE

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Oct 04 2019 9:23 AM




HEADLAND:     08:59 AM  Headland Police Chief Mark Jones and Sheriff Will Maddox are on the schools grounds of Headland High School.

This morning is a pep rally for the homecoming football game.  An abundance of law enforcement officers are around the school to make sure all of the kids are safe and secure and going about the school activities.

There was a social media threat. At this time Headland Police and Henry County Sheriff Deputies have been unable to locate the student accused of making the threat.

Chief Jones and Sheriff Maddox has the school safe and students safe until the person who is alleged to have made the threat is located Chief Jones has the school and children protected.

NO CHILD IS IN DANGER. In fact they children are better protected now then ever.

Today no threat can be taken lightly and without safety precautions. And I applaud Headland Police Chief Mark Jones and the members of the Headland Police Department and Henry County Sheriff Will Maddox and members of the Henry County Sheriff Department in proactive protection.

This social media threat could be a threat and could not be a threat. But in today's world just the wrong expression can cause alarm. Authorities have to take all such serious and investigate.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT HENRY COUNTY BUT EVERY SCHOOL  - what was ok in our generation is no longer okay today. Once when someone said "I will shoot you if you mess with....", years ago did not actually mean they were going to shoot you. It was just junk talk.

Today you can not even say that.

So my question, has the schools ever held a class as to what is appropriate and not appropriate for the kids to post. What is deemed a threat and not deemed a threat?

A kid was suspended and sent to alternative school for 45 days once. His car battery was dead and he took his dad's truck. He did not look in the back floor board and the dad's rifle was under the seat but you could see it if you looked in the window of the back seat slightly from under the seat.

So the "one size fits all regardless of the circumstances" position of the schools suspended him for 45 days to Alternative school.

I overheard the young man go...if they mess with my buddy I told him I would kill him. I told the young man can not say that. While everyone that knows you - knows you would not kill him. They know you might slap him up side the head ( and some need it - even some elected leaders ) but everyone knows you would not shoot him.

But because the gun was found in the truck and you got 45 days alternative school, someone hear you say that, and here you a lot of trouble.

Because the one thing school systems do not have today is "common sense". They have a one size fits all with no "common sense" or about the particular circumstances of the situation.

So back to my original questions, schools, have you ever had a class about what is acceptable and not acceptable. Or you just expect the students to know what "school leadership" expects? Which is dangerous because in some case you do not even know what you expect.

Not being critical but truthful.

UPDATED @ 1:52 PM...

The person student they were looking for has been located and police are talking with them now.


UPDATED at 1:52 PM    Headland High School - ALL CHILDREN ARE SAFE

UPDATED at 1:52 PM    Headland High School - ALL CHILDREN ARE SAFE

First Funeral

UPDATED at 1:52 PM    Headland High School - ALL CHILDREN ARE SAFE

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