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We The Jury Find James Mark Lee NOT GUILTY On All 58 Counts

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
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Date: Feb 10 2022 11:04 PM








This is a terrifying story where a Dothan man went through mental anguish and financial anguish since September 6, 2019 for offenses that it only took a Houston County jury 45 minutes to find him NOT GUILTY.

It was June 6, 2019 when James Mark Lee was arrested somewhere around Knoxville Tennessee, where he was living on warrants issued by the Dothan Police Department, Investigator Shaun Morgan, on 58 counts of Secual Abuse.

James Mark Lee, known by his friends as Mark Lee, was arrested by the Tennessee authorities after being contacted by Dothan Police Department. Mr. Lee remained in the Tennessee Jail until he waived extradition, and was transported in handscuffs, bellychains and leg irons by to Houston County to make bonds of $ 15,000.00 times 58 on the 58 counts of Sexual Abuse.

The case went to trial this week before the Honorable John John Steensland, 20th Judicial Circuit Court Judge for Houston and Henry County This case was tried in Houston County beofre a jury of 12 men and women.

James Mark Lee worked with two physicians and then started a business, Media Design Group. Lee met a lady in 1997 and started dating. She had a child who was 18 months old to two years old.

Lee and the lady married in 1998. Then in 2000 he and his wife had a child of their own.

The market crashed and Lee went out of business. He then worked for some attorneys doing process service work. With the business crashing he lost his home but remained in the Brentwood area where he wented homes.

Because of this business tanking, Lee fell into depression. He began texting some women he knew and his wife found out about it. Well it hit the fan. The wife called the daughter, Lee's stepdaughter to come home. The step daughter is irrate over this issue.

Lee left and went to his parents because he did not want a domestic violence situation. Lee then went to North Carolina and Tennessee to do some jobs and remained there most of the time.

The victim, Lee's step daughter, told her mom that Lee, since she was 12 years old until age 17, had placed his fingers in her privates. However Lee and his wife continued their marriage until August 2017 when they divorced. A uncontested divorce.

Lee was ordered to pay his wife $ 1,200.00 a month in child support, which he paid.

Then the Lee's daughter they had in 2000, in March 2019 turned age 19. Which meant Lee was not required to pay child support anymore. So the $ 1,200.00 a month ended.

The Lee's daughter went and stayed with her dad and now new step mom in Tennessee for 10 days in April 2019. This made mother mad.

In May 2019, mother and Lee's step daughter went to Auburn Police Department and makes a police report. The allegations that Lee from 2007 to 2012 sexual abused the step daughter by placing his fingers in her privates.

Auburn Police contacted Dothan Police Department and Investigator Morganw as assigned the case.

James Mark Lee was going about his normal course of business and life in when on June 18, 2019 law enforcement in Tennessee arrested him on 58 counts of Sexual Abuse that occurred in Alabama. Dothan Alabama.

Lee made bond and hired Defense Attorney Shaun McGhee of the McGhee Law Firm in Dothan.

The jury was selected on Tuesday. Testimony began on Wednesday.

The State of Alabama put three witnesses on. Lee's x-wife, the step daughter and Carrie Moore of the Sotuheast Alabama Child Advocacy Center. Moore has never been a defense witness only a paid staff member prosecution witness.

The State of Alabama did not put the investigating officer on the stand.

There was never any supporting medical evidence. Never any evidence where Lee's stepdaughter was seen by any doctor. Nothing to verify her allegations. There were never any allegations the sexual abuse went furhter then Lee's alleged placing his fingers in her privates.

There were allegations that Lee drugged the step daughter but the story from mom and step mom did not match.

Defense Attorney Shaun McGhee crossed examined the witnesses. But he never placed any witnesses for the defense. 

The victim stated this occurred 58 to 100 times.

The State of Alabama and Defense for Lee rested today. Realizing the jury of 12 had to sign 58 verdict forms, after, they elected a foreperson of the jury. The verdict, NOT GUILTY ON ALL 58 COUNTS, so say we the jury of the 20th Judicial Circuit.

Sexual Allegations are serious in nature. Those allegations can destroy a person.


had to live in captivity since June 6, 2019, go through people talking, having a difficult time in finding a job, the mental anguish where he was facing1 year and 1 day up to 10 years times 58 counts ...

Ride from Tennessee to Dothan Alabama in a prisoner transport bus in handcuffs and shackles after spending ten plus days in the jail in Tennessee..



Attorney Shaun McGhee is a private practicing attorney in Dothan Alabama. Located in the McGhee Law Firm, 424 South Oates Street, Dothan, Alabama 36301. Phone Number 334-793-3332.

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