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What Happens When Someone Attempts To Fix The Issue And They Get Money - Hands Start Grabbing

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
[email protected]
Date: Aug 08 2019 11:52 PM

DALE COUNTY - MIDLAND CITY/GRIMES/PINCKARD/NAPIER FIELD/NEWTON:   Oh my what games we can play when we are out to deceive. 

But when those games of deceit are going on and it could affect a life, those games of deceit are to be dealt with.

This week the games of deceit that have been going on came close to claiming the life of a 15 year old young man. 

But for the combined effort of coaches at South Dale, a emergency responder, Dale County Sheriff Deputy and perhaps ( not sure ) a Midland City Police Officer, the child had CPR and an emergency AED used on him. He is now in UAB Birmingham. But that was only after a 30 minute wait plus for Ozark Ambulance to arrive in Midland City.

But Midland City has a brand new ambulance. Just no one to ride it.

This problem goes back years but some games of deceit are being played out by some area Mayors. When there was no money, Grimes, Napier Field, Pinckard and Newton did nothing to solve the problem. Midland City has done very little.

But when Dale County Commission Chairman led the march forward in a funding mechanism for EMS, boy did these Mayor’s start meeting in secret to develop a plan to get some of that money. And saying the heck with those who have worked to provide EMS Services in the past.


It was the forward thinking of Retired Daleville Police Chief Wes Etheridge and Mayor Gene Hughes that had the first 911 lines in Dale County.

Several years later the entire Dale County voted for a 911 service and the birth of Ozark - Dale County 911. Only one city in Dale County ( other than Daleville ) decided against going under Ozark - Dale County 911. That was Midland City. 

When Midland City residents dial 911 that call goes directly to Ozark - Dale County 911. They determine it is Midland City jurisdiction the call is transferred to Midland City Police Department.

But Midland City Police Department can not get a ambulance crew together ( which is the majority of the time ), the call goes back to Ozark - Dale County 911.

The poor 911 staff then has to play the game "roll the EMS wheel" to find a ambulance that can respond. And that "roll the EMS wheel" sometimes is virtually impossible for the Ozark - Dale County 911.

The first roll is Echo Rescue. They have a ambulance staged near Napier Field - Grimes area. During the daytime hours they have a paid staff. Beginning Monday they will have a paid 24 hour a day/ 7 days per week, paid staff. But until Chairman Mark Blakenship and the Dale County Commission along with State Representative Steve Clouse forward thinking, Echo Rescue had to depend on fund raisers and EMS billings to operate.

But when the plan of Blakenship and the Commission became a reality, the Mayors began to work their plans. Again, their plans only began when Chairman Blakenship and the Commission got money. Before then they did nothing, except Midland City did buy an ambulance.

Attorney Joe Adams represents Newton, Pinckard and Midland City I know. On July 1, 2019 Attorney Joe Adams reserved the name "South Dale EMS" with the Alabama Secretary of State. Now Adams is apparently doing what his "client" has instructed him to do. But who is his client?

A plan has been developed, again now that there is money, by the Mayors of Grimes, Napier Field, Midland City, Pinckard and Newton. But that plan was not presented to the current volunteers until recently. And the reception was not very well.


Got to give Midland City credit. They bought a new ambulance. Do not know who is responsible for the operation of the ambulance. Some will say Midland City Volunteer Fire. But a mere look at their incorporation papers only ready "Fire". But the Alabama EMS license on the ambulance read "Midland City Fire Rescue".

But what we are safe in saying is, the new ambulance of Midland City does not respond to the majority of the EMS calls received.

So is the ambulance the responsibility of the Municipality of Midland City or Midland City Volunteer Fire? 


If my information is correct...you dial 911 in Midland City and it rings Ozark - Dale County 911 first. They determine the 911 call is inside the city limits of Midland City and the caller is transferred to Midland City Police dispatcher. Then Midland City is unable to get a ambulance crew the call is returned to Ozark - Dale County 911 for them to find a ambulance...that is not acceptable service to the citizens of Dale County.

And each of these municipalities sit in Dale County. And whatever measures are within the power and authority of the Dale County Commission, this needs to be addressed, like yesterday!

The purpose of the number 911 is a simple number for emergency response. Not spin the wheel.


Care Ambulance ran Ozark and Dale County EMS once upon a time. Then Ozark created Ozark EMS within the fire department went CARE went bye - bye.

Ozark Fire - EMS started running South end of Dale County for a number of years. Apparently it was a financial loss so they stopped. 

Pilcher Ambulance started running south Dale County when Ozark Fire - EMS stopped. But Grimes, Napier Field, Midland City, Pinckard and Newton never came up with a financial agreement with Pilcher Ambulance and they pulled out.

The Ozark - Dale County 911 Director, George Pickeron ( sp? ) asked Echo Rescue to cover the south end of Dale County. When Echo had no crew that caused the Ozark - Dale County 911 to start to "spin the EMS wheel".

Do you know Ashford Rescue has been dispatched to Napier Field before?

Wicksburg Volunteer Fire - EMS stated covering part of Dale County. They make runs from Wicksburg to Highway 123 or beyond and into Daleville. A lot of time Daleville Ambulance can not run.

But to show how backward thinking some law enforcement leaders can be. Daleville Police and Daleville Fire operate on their own radio system. Wicksburg Fire - Rescue was denied TANGO TANGO ( a radio app on your phone ) access by Daleville Police. Yet Wicksburg has to cover that area when Daleville Rescue can not. Happen more then you know.


Because of the forward thinking of Dale County Commission Chairman Mark Blakenship, supported by the Dale County Commission and Representative Steve Clouse finally some money will help on EMS.

Hopefully the leaders will slam their foots down on what is right. And keep some of the greedy little hands off the money and put it where it should go.


A service incorporated in 2018. They have tried to get going. Having some issues of which I do not know enough to explain. But they have ambulances and equipment but perhaps funding not there to pay staff.

And employers are not volunteer minded to let employees leave the job to save lives, and employees are not as willing to volunteer like they did once upon a time. 

So do not know all there is, but there are options.

AND ONCE UPON A TIME FOR ANOTHER ARTICLE...there was a Newton Rescue. 


So am I. But you now have the picture. And we are watching carefully the steps forward. Because what is important is saving lives not people’s ego. And a lot of the decision makers do not have a clue how to make things roll. But there is money now and they think they know.

South Dale EMS by Rickey Stokes on Scribd

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What Happens When Someone Attempts To Fix The Issue And They Get Money - Hands Start Grabbing

What Happens When Someone Attempts To Fix The Issue And They Get Money - Hands Start Grabbing

First Funeral

What Happens When Someone Attempts To Fix The Issue And They Get Money - Hands Start Grabbing

What Happens When Someone Attempts To Fix The Issue And They Get Money - Hands Start Grabbing

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