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With Murder Of Sheriff What Happens Next

Rickey Stokes

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Posted by: RStokes
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Date: Nov 24 2019 12:14 AM

LOWNDES COUNTY AL:    With it just being some 4 hours since the murder of Lowndes County Sheriff Big John Williams I debated if appropriate to mention what happens now.

The decision was made to go ahead because certain important offices their is a line of succession. And in this line there are some who can and some who cannot handle the task.

What am I talking about? Who is Sheriff of Lowndes County since the current Sheriff was murdered.

Unless there is a Supernumary Sheriff, the Coroner becomes the Sheriff until which time the Governor of Alabama appoints a Sheriff. Sometimes the appointment by the Governor is short, and sometimes it takes longer.

In Houston County Lamar "Birddog" Hadden was Supernumary Sheriff. After his death in Houston County the Sheriff would be the Houston County Coroner.

In Dale County Bryant Mixon is Supernumary Sheriff. So if something happened Bryant Mixon would be the Dale County Sheriff.

Not sure in Henry County if Lawton Ed Armstrong was Supernumary Sheriff or not. But when Henry County Sheriff Welcher passed away in office, Henry County Coroner Norman Holman became Sheriff. It was near election time and Lawton Ed Armstrong and James Golden were seeking election for Sheriff. The Governor of Alabama was Guy Hunt. To be fair and not given either Armstrong or Golden a step forward of the other, Governor Hunt appointed Coroner Norman Holman to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff Welcher. So for about six months Holman served as both the Henry County Coroner and Henry County Sheriff.

Lawton Ed Armstrong was elected Sheriff like in November. Holman enjoyed the duties of Sheriff so he remained until the term expired. Which he had every right to do because he was not appointed until the election was over but appointed to fill the unexpired term.

According to google, Lowndes County Coroner Terrell Means is Coroner. Automatically Means steps in and assumes the duties as Sheriff of Lowndes County. How long? Until Governor Kay Ivey appoints someone as Sheriff. In my humble opinion this will not be immediate that Governor Ivey will appoint someone. At least not until after Sheriff Williams is placed to rest.

Later some issues I will ask but now is not the time.

Prayers to the men and women in Lowndes County. Prayers to the family and employees of Lowndes County Sheriff Department. And certianly prayes to Terrell Means as he steps in as Sheriff of the County. A difficult time with the Sheriff murdered.

And it is difficult when someone has no idea how long they will be in the post of Sheriff.  

With Murder Of Sheriff What Happens Next

First Funeral

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