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George Russell Koch Sr.

Robert Byrd, Sunset Memorial Park

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Date: Sep 25 2023 12:21 PM

George Russell Koch Sr.

George Russell Koch Sr., a man of great courage, intelligence, and selflessness, passed away peacefully at his residence in Headland, Alabama on September 24, 2023. Born on March 9, 1939, in Pennsylvania, George lived an incredible life that spanned 84 years, touching numerous lives with his service, dedication, and love for his family and country.

George's dedication to his country was evident in his career choices. He served in the US Marines for seven years, a testament to his bravery and commitment. His service didn't stop there. George went on to work as a Federal Park Ranger and served in the Valley Forge Park Police for six to seven years. His diverse career also saw him serving as protection detail for several presidents and being a part of Harvest Church and the Gathering the Troops Ministry. Notably, he trained horses to be on the helipad for President Reagan. George lived in Lakewood, NJ for several years and later served as a Fish and Wildlife Inspector in Newark, NJ.

In his private life, George was known for his intelligence, courage, and selflessness. He had a big heart and was always ready to lend a helping hand. His family and friends will remember him as a man who lived his life with honor and kindness, always putting others before himself.

A celebration of George’s life will be held at a later date.

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George Russell Koch Sr.

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