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Huong Nguyen

Robert Byrd, Sunset Memorial Park

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Date: Aug 17 2023 9:54 AM

Huong Nguyen

Huong Nguyen, 77, passed away on August 16, 2023 at his home surrounded by family. He was born and raised in Vietnam where he rose through society’s ranks from being in a poor family to become a ranking officer in the Vietnamese Navy police.

Throughout his lifetime, he overcame many life struggles and endured many hardships. One of these struggles was when a bridge collapsed while attending his wedding ceremony and he had to swim across the lake to get there. The second memorable struggle was when he survived the Vietnamese re-education camp after the Vietnam War. Due to his many years of struggles in the camp, the US and Vietnam negotiated a program called Humanitarian Operation (HO or Hac O) to migrate those survivors to the States. He migrated to the States with his wife and 5 kids where he went to work at Sara Lee factory to support his family. Huong applied and educated himself in English as a second language and was able to graduate with a GED with little support. He also applied himself in multiple ways from being a hobby farmer to a handyman around the house. His favorite passion was eating and enjoying good Vietnamese culinary cuisine. Now let’s reflect on his struggles and how they changed his family tree and provided a better opportunity for him and his family. He will be missed and honored in our memories.

Huong is survived by his devoted wife, Xuan Nguyen, and their children, Jennifer Nguyen, Kim Gary (Mark), Linh Bui (Do), Hanh Kim Bui (Xinh), and Hoang Huy Nguyen (Giang). His legacy will continue to live on through his grandchildren, Sharon Walker, Marty Gary, Aidyn Bui, Minh David Bui, Austin Bui, Chloe Osbourne, Avery Osbourne, Cohen Nguyen, and Gracie Chau Nguyen. Each of them carries a piece of Huong's spirit, reflecting his love, courage, and gentleness in their own lives.

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Huong Nguyen

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